The purpose of the conference is to discuss geological and geophysical problems in oil and gas  exploration and development 
• General and regional geology of oil and gas-bearing sedimentary basins: tectonics, sedimentology, lithology, petrology and petrography, paleogeography, geochemistry; global and regional stratigraphy and paleontology, isotopic-geochemical methods and biogeochronology  in the geology of sedimentary oil and gas basins;
• The theory of oil generation (naphthide genesis), organic geochemistry, geochemical methods in petroleum prospecting and exploration; hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry of oil and gas basins; modeling in petroleum geology (a computer model of a petroleum reservoir and basin modeling), estimation of reserves  and identification of   hydrocarbon field placement patterns; 
• Regional geophysics and geophysical methods in petroleum prospecting and exploration; well logging; the theory, techniques, mathematical support and software, information  and measuring systems.
• Hydrocarbon prospecting and exploration; oilfield geology; infrastructure development;  enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods;
• Economics of the oil and gas sector and environmental issues of petroleum industry, strategic development of the fuel and energy complex, hydrocarbon treatment and processing, and transportation.